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RTHK Radio 3 “Brunch with Noreen” (2023.09)

We were thrilled to be interviewed by Noreen Mir again last week! On Radio 3’s “Brunch with Noreen”, our partner school teacher Ami Yeung and our team member Jasmine Chan shared their insights on school adaptation for students and teachers.

Ami shared how students feel at the start of the school year—excited to meet friends again but worried about exams. The school implemented a School Adaptation Week using JUST FEEL's Relationship Building Curriculum and tools like the Feelings Wheel and Feelings and Needs cards. This helped students to express their feelings and build connections, fostering a sense of belonging to school.

Teachers also face stress due to changes like curriculum and extreme weather. Using JUST FEEL's materials for two years, teachers have a platform to express their feelings, reminding each other to prioritize self-care with our slogan "connections before solutions".

Jasmine mentioned the importance of giving teachers time to express themselves during lesson preparation sessions on JUST FEEL’s Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum. Even with tight schedules, JUST FEEL team ensures that teachers get five to ten minutes to share their thoughts. Just as teachers create spaces for students to speak up, it is equally important to develop a culture where teachers can freely express themselves.

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